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Security and Automation

Every organisation should consider ways to keep their energy and lighting bills to an absolute minimum.

The best way of achieving this is through a building automation system to provide preset lighting, motion sensors, and timers to minimize lighting energy consumption and maximize energy savings.

In addition, other services such as air-conditioning, irrigation and security can be included to the program to provide a genuine building management system.

Our team of integrators can tailor design and install a fully or semi automated building management solution that's perfect for you, comprising:

  • Lighting control
  • Heating and cooling
  • Security system (alarm)
  • Safety devices like smoke detectors


C-Bus2 is a microprocessor controlled wiring system used to control lighting and other electrical services designed and made in Adelaide by Clipsal Integrated Systems.

C-Bus2 makes it easy to control all kinds of electrical services within a building. For example, lighting, security and air-conditioning systems can be programmed to suit you from just one place.

The C-Bus2 network is electrically isolated from the main electrical circuits and operates at a safe extra low voltage level of 36 volts DC.

Twisted pair data cabling forms the backbone of the network allowing communication between the units. Using this cable input devices (such as switches and sensors) and output devices (relays and dimmers) can be added anywhere in the system making the configuration extremely flexible. There are practically no size limitations on a C-Bus2 system.

Each unit in C-Bus2 system has its own internal microprocessor allowing it to operate independently. This delivers extremely reliable high-speed communication because control information is held within the unit rather than at a central computer. It also means a malfunction in one unit doesn't disrupt the entire network.

The great thing about C-Bus2 is you can program it without a computer!

We are a qualified C-Bus2 systems supplier. This means we have the knowledge and skill to advise and provide a C-Bus2 solution in your building.

You can test a C-Bus2 system for yourself by operating the C-Bus2 system in our office. Why not book a demonstration today or simply ask us how a C-Bus2 system can make your life easier and more enjoyable whilst saving energy costs.

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