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Preventative Maintenance

Downtime is a dirty word in business and the last thing your office or factory needs is lost production time due to a faulty power, lighting or data connection.

We can maintain your installation for the life of the premises to reduce the potential for problems to occur.

We provide the following services for your security, staff safety and peace of mind:

Testing and tagging
Safety Switch Testing
Exit Lighting
Thermal Imaging

These services assist the prevention of work disruptions but also meet ever increasing employer responsibility under Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

Registers are kept of all testing undertaken for clients so it is easy to prove compliance and this greatly assists in meeting increasingly stringent insurance requirements.

How we help you

Testing and Tagging

We know it is not that easy to keep on top of all the OH&S standards but we do its our job but you have a responsibility to your staff to operate a safe working environment.

We help by testing your equipment to the new AS/NZS 3760 2000 standards.

As well as making sure all your equipment is up to scratch and safe, we provide you with a register of all the testing and tagging undertaken. We keep a copy of the register, in a secure environment, for 5 years so you have solid proof if anything should go wrong.

We also schedule all the testing and tagging in advance so you know when it should be done again. We'll contact you beforehand so you don't have to worry ever again.

Safety Switch Testing

Safety switches (or RDC's as we know them) are vital safety component of any productive workplace. To make sure they do the job they need to be tested and there are varying timeframes which need to be adhered to. We know these intervals for all types of safety switches and we schedule your testing ahead of time so you are always safeguarded in terms of legal requirements and most importantly, your workers safety is protected.

Every three months the switch must be tested by using the built-in push button and a record kept but every three years a complete check by a qualified electrician must be done to a set procedure and detailed records kept. Portable RDC's need to be tested at more frequent intervals.

Don't overlook the importance of testing your safety switches. Click here to book a test.

Exit Lighting

Emergency lighting systems can be lifesavers in cases of serious emergencies. The emergency evacuations systems need to be tested to ensure they comply with AS/NZ 2292.2:1995 requirements.

At regular intervals the signs need to be checked to see they are operating correctly, as example, that batteries are functioning or bulbs haven't blown. Importantly a record is kept to provide proof that appropriate testing was completed.

We can supply latest products from the Luminite range that operate without the need for batteries and wiring.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging (thermography) helps to minimise any potential breakdown or fire hazards from electrical problems such as overloaded circuits, faulty equipment or loose connections.

Thermography is a fast, simple, and reliable method of identifying "hot spots" in electrical circuitry and components. These "hot spots" can indicate a potential problem that should be investigated.

Here is an example of equipment images produced by thermography, clearly highlighting the "hot spots".

Internal fuse damage High resistance connection

We use a purpose-built camera and software system to analyse your premises and equipment, and then provide a detailed report on the findings.

If you have critical equipment or systems that you need to run your operations, then it makes sense to check their status periodically.

Talk to us about your needs in preventative maintenance and we can create a program specifically tailored for your plant or operations.

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